SCOUTED -- Pictured: (l-r) Scouted's Industry Experts: Dani Stahl, Michael Flutie, Scott Lipps, Julia Samersova and Beri Smither -- Photo by: Heidi Gutman/E! Entertainment

Glitter Magazine loves to “Ask an Expert” in the fashion and entertainment industry (check out our latest installment in our Winter issue, featuring Dana-Maxx, Joey Maalouf, Miss J and Chris March, on stands now!) for tips on everything from creating personal style to (re)creating a gorgeous look with the latest makeup trends.  Imagine our excitement when we heard of the new show on E! Television about the people who find the amazing models sporting the latest makeup and fashion trends.  Scouted, premiering November 28th, follows a cast of talented scouts, image consultants, and agency directors as they look for and promote the next “it” guy or girl. What inspires the model scout?  What advice can they offer teens looking to get into the modeling industry? Check out Glitter’s exclusive interview with members of the cast below!

SCOUTED -- Pictured: (l-r) Dani Stahl, Beri Smither and scouted girl Gina -- Photo by: Heidi Gutman/E! Entertainment


GLITTER: Think of the last model you promoted. In what ways were you inspired by her / him?

KRISTEN KOTIK:  In what ways was I inspired by the last model I promoted.  For a change, let talk about a boy! 19 year old Alex. He is brand new and so eager to learn about the business and what it takes to be successful. He did his first magazine photo shoot last week and his enthusiasm was contagious. That inspires me!

JULIA SAMERSOVA: The last model I managed when I worked at Elite in 2004 was a model named Rianne Ten Haken.  This is a girl that made you want to be a better manager.  She was so real, honest, utterly gorgeous and intelligent that you wanted to go above and beyond to take her to the very top!  Which is where she went!  Her approach to the modeling industry was so refreshing, that she literally took our breath away.   She is still at the TOP of her game and in the midst of being a supermodel she managed to get a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics!!!! How impressive is that? That is the kind of model and role model we need!

STACIE VANCHIERI: The last model I worked with got signed fast! He was so excited and honored to be thrust into this business.  September was his first Fashion Week and he was in AWE of the people, the fashion and the excitement. His enthusiasm for it got ME excited, even after 18 years in the business.

DANI STAHL: Well the last model I promoted would have to be Gillian Vanderslice. I was inspired by her from the moment I saw her – she has the ‘it’ factor that is hard to explain. Vanderslice is a brand/household name in the making!

SCOUTED -- Pictured: Scouted girl Gina -- Photo by: Heidi Gutman/E! Entertainment

GLITTER: What can we expect from Scouted?

PAGE PARKES: What you can expect from scouted is organic, transparent stories of how beauty crosses all types of people, making for a compelling show. To peek in to the life’s of girls and their families, who look so lovely and seem to have it all… to most of us. SOME DO SOME DON’T. That was real and makes the show different from others. My Scouting stories taught me so much more about the models than I ever had known. I never knew some of their struggles until the show and was humbled to be allowed to come in to their world and be so open and honest….all under the Model Umbrella… it is fun, and even educational!

GLITTER: Can someone be made into a model?

ERIN OLSON: If they have the right height, measurements and an interesting look WITH a desire to model, yes.  With proper training and development, most can be taught if they’re willing. But the desire needs to be there.  It’s really difficult to convince a girl to model if she’s either not ready or doesn’t care because there is so much more work involved than most expect.  It’s a really fun job but it is very difficult too.

BERI SMITHER: Due to the fact that much of modeling has to do with aesthetics, no, one cannot be made into a model. If he/she has the aesthetics of a model, talent, and desire then her agency / management will facilitate managing her into a modeling career.

GLITTER: What advice do you have for teens getting started in the modeling industry?

KRISTEN KOTIK: What advice do I have for teens getting started in the modeling industry? Research is the most important! Look for a local reputable agency to either submit your photos to or visit open calls which are all FREE. No legitimate Agency charges an upfront fee. Do not spend any money on professional photos before getting signed with an Agency. Less is more. Snapshots with no make-up and simple form fitted clothing.  And remember, realistic expectations. This industry is not for everyone. ; )

JULIA SAMERSOVA: Forget EVERYTHING you ever heard or read or have seen about the industry, and go into it with a completely open mind and spirit. It is a business first and foremost.  Take it seriously but please have fun!!!!! The journey is the most fun part!  I would like to add, please learn to truly LOVE yourself as you are. Nothing more beautiful in the world than pure confidence in the YOU that you are!!!! No one in the world is you so CELEBRATE that individuality every day! Take care of your body and mind and spirit. Eat well, exercise, have fun, surround yourself with loving and supportive friends and family, and get lots of beauty sleep!

GLITTER: What advice do you have for teens weeding through modeling agency opportunities?

STACIE VANCHIERI: My advice for teens weeding through modeling agency opportunities is for you and your parents to do your homework!! Make sure the agency is reputable and run by experienced agents. If you have a several agencies asking you to sign, go with the agency that is most excited about you. You have to know they are going to push  hard for you and make decisions for you that are in your best interest.

DANI STAHL: My advice for young girls who are trying to find good management – I think when you’re starting out – esp. when young – it is easy to be persuaded by people who don’t necessarily have your best interest at heart. Definitely don’t make any decisions without consulting family, friends or someone w experience that you can trust. And note – if the 1st thing they want is money – run the other way!

GLITTER: To what extent has technology made branding easier? To what extent has technology complicated it?

SCOTT LIPPS: I just got back from a meeting at a big cosmetic company where they are looking to sign girls that have a huge online presence…It just means Twitter and Facebook, viral videos, etc, have been added to list of building brands and a huge part of the process. By blogging and doing the above, you can raise awareness and garner the right attention for contracts etc…So there is more to do and understanding that process is even more important.

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