Betty Who Will Be Appearing on the New Season of ‘The Bold Type’


The singer will be making a special guest appearance. 

The Bold Type is a show that has caught our hearts since season 1. It is all about three best friends navigating their careers, friendships, and love lives in New York City. It is completely relatable and touches on a lot of necessary topics such as breast cancer, health care inequality, deportation, and getting ahead in your career while being a woman. Now, it is about to go into its third season and we could not be more excited, especially when we saw who was going to guest star on the first episode: Betty Who. The announcement was made by Katie Stevens, who plays Jane, in a cute Instagram video of them talking about working together.

The Bold Type is known for its killer soundtrack so having Betty Who, who has killer singles such as “I Remember” and “Somebody Loves You”, on the show is sure to add more bops to its repertoire. Not only are we excited to see Betty Who on the show but we cannot wait to see what the three best friends, Jane, Sutton, and Kat, face next. Based on the season promo, we can see that there will be love life struggles, career changes, and male egoism. We can’t wait to cry and laugh with these three best friends. Honestly, we feel as though we are also part of the group every time we watch and we can’t wait to regain that warm feeling with the premiere of the new season.

Make sure to catch the season premiere Tuesday, April 9th 8/7c on Freeform or on Hulu the next day. You can watch the full sneak peek of the season below.