Brie Larson Made Her Directorial Debut


In the new Netflix original film, Unicorn Store, Brie Larson showed off her directing skills.

Unicorn Store is a magical modern fantasy about a painter. played by Brie Larson, who gets kicked out of art school and takes a job as an office temp. Needless to say, she is less than fulfilled. While trying to nvigatelove and life, she stumbles upon a store that sells unicorns and a magical salseman, Samuel L. Jackson, who will gove her one if she proves herslef. It is a story about how to fall back in love with yourself and the world.

This film is already getting rave reviews and a fandom of its own. There are even fan-run Twitter accounts starting to pop up. For her first time in the director’s chair, Brie Larson killed it. She put out an instant hit that has a following in a matter of hours. That is no easy feat. Congratulations, Brie!

Now, go check out Unicorn Store on Netflix.