Take a Look at Taron Egerton on the Cover of ‘British GQ’ Music Edition


The actor looks striking on the cover of British GQ

If you don’t already know who Taron Egerton is, you are about to. The British actor has starred in the Kingsman movie series and Robin Hood. Taron absolutely smashed it in both of the action-packed films as he kicked every villain’s butt. Now, the actor is shifting gears and starring in Rocketman as Sir Elton John himself. This is a huge role and British GQ knows it so they have chosen him as the cover star for their 2019 GQ Music Special Issue. On the cover, we see Taron up close with literal stars in his eyes. Sir Elton John himself said that he “was immediately taken by his special quality of masculinity mixed with warm kindness”. If the iconic Elton John approves of him, we know he’ll be the next big star.

In an Instagram post, Taron said that “sometimes it’s hard to believe my life is my life”. In the issue, the actor discusses meeting Elton for the first time, getting to know him, and channeling him for the film, as well as his journey in Hollywood thus far.

Rocketman, which also stars The Bodyguard‘s Richard Madden as John Reid, has already been speculated to be as great, or even greater, than last year’s Bohemian Rhapsody. Based on Taron’s GQ interview and the film’s trailer, we are starting to agree. To read more about Taron’s journey throughout the film, you can go to GQ‘s website. Make sure to catch Taron’s film on May 31st. You can watch the full trailer below.