Lily Collins to Star in New Paramount Network Series ‘Emily in Paris’


The actress is getting a new role, this time in Paris. 

Lily Collins has had spectacular roles from Rosie in Love, Rosie to Ellen in To the Bone. Each of her acting performances continues to surpass her previous ones and she wows us every time. Now, the actress has announced that she will be starring in a brand new Paramount Network series, Emily in Paris. She excitedly told us, via an Instagram video, that the show was created by Darren Star, creator of the famous series Sex and the City. As if that were not enough to get us pumped, Lily also announced that it will be her first time ever producing a series. Production of the series will start this summer in none other than the city of love and lights, Paris.

The series will be a dramatic comedy revolving around the life of Emily as she navigates the beautiful and foreign city as she is “tasked with bringing an American point of view to a venerable French marketing firm”. Emily will have to learn how to balance work, her social and love life, and adjusting to a new city all at once. Based on the synopsis, we are already hooked. The show is set to be released early next year, although no exact date has been set, and we are already counting down the days until we can see the first episode.