Check Out Steve Aoki + Monsta X New ‘Play It Cool’ Music Video


K-pop and Electro House have collaborated once again with talented K-pop group Monsta X and famous DJ Steve Aoki. The perfect driving soundtrack was just made with Aoki and Monsta X new soundtrack, “Play It Cool,” as the new music video shows the English version of the song. The song was originally released in Korean last month on Monsta X Take.2 We Are Here, peaking at No. 5 on the World Album chart, but that’s didn’t stop them from reminding the world just how good of a song it is. The music starts with Aoki driving in a car before he selects their song and turns up the volume. It then transitions to Monsta X hanging out as they sing and dance along to the song. The boys also perform a very sleek choreography as they reach the track climax. Check out the music video below.

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