Netflix Releases Trailer for ‘The Perfect Date’ Starring Noah Centineo


Are you ready for The Perfect Date?On Tuesday March 26th, Netflix released the trailer for its much anticipated romantic comedy starring Noah Centineo. Of course everyone has been dying to see our favorite celebrity crush in the new film since watching him in both To All the Boys I Loved Before and Sierra Burgess is a Loser.

According to Centineo, the film is about “a young man who’s very enterprising and comes from a low-income household, and decides to create an app that allows anyone to hire him for a stand-in date,” Centineo told IndieWire after filming wrapped last year. “He does this in the hopes of making enough money to get into his dream college, and then hopefully learn who he is in the process.”  You can watch the trailer below.

Watch The Perfect Date on Netflix on April 12.