Calling All Gamers: Fortnite World Cup Is Near

Pryimak Anastasiia/Shutterstock

Fortnite released the trailer for their $40 million world cup challenge. Yes, that number is right. Starting April 13th, there will be a $1 million prize pool each week for ten weeks, and those that qualify for the world cup finals will have the change to be crown Fortnight World Cup Champion and win $30 million.

The first ten weeks will consist of rotating solo and dous tournaments. Each tournament will be on Saturdays and Sundays during a 3-hour session with a 10 match limit. For Saturdays, scoring is based on placement and eliminations. The top 3,000 players advance to open finals on Sunday.

In order to keep the game fair, points scored during the Online Open Semi-Finals on Saturdays do not transfer on Sunday. Duo players can only pair with one Duo partner during each tournament but are allowed to switch Duo partners from week to week. The Duo partners are also matched during rounds based on current points within the tournament, regardless of input or platform. Talk about being a team player.

Fortnite’s also taking the internet on a worldwide roundtrip as the world cup is open to anyone in the regions of Europe, North America, Asia, Brazil and Oceania. Check out the trailer announcement below.

You can find more information on Fortnite World Cup exclusively on their website.