Have You Seen Stray Kids’ New ‘Miroh’ Music Video?

JYP Entertainment

K-pop boy band Stray Kids celebrate their anniversary with the release of their new music video, “Miroh.” 

After a year of charming rebellious attitudes and hit songs like “District 9,” “Hellavator” and “My Pace” killing the charts, the hip-hop influenced boy group is making a comeback with their new song, “Miroh.” The song alternates between paunchy, clapping beats and dramatic dance breaks with horns and tiger roars as the members sing and rap about breaking free from the struggles of society. The video settings paint a scene with bankers as Stray Kids take on the powerful men. The glitchy background helps the group performed its even more powerful choreography in the urban jungle. The group comeback album, Miroh, consists of eight tracks including the title track “Miroh.”  The eighth track is called “Mixtape#4” and is special as it’s a CD-only track. However, before you get tangled up about the CD, check out their music video below.

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