Check Out Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross’s New Song



In their new song “Phases,” Simpson and Ross tackle a ballad about love and desire. The husband and wife duo are relatively new to the music scene, having released the EP Ashlee and Evan in late 2018, but nothing since then. However, their latest reemergence has yielded an incredible new single.

“Phases” is a thoughtful song about how you must grow and change through your love for another person. It is pensive and slightly haunting, which fits the themes very well. It holds very meaningful lyrics on top of very smooth rhythm and gorgeous harmonies between the two:

“‘Cause we all go through phases
And you couldn’t live without it
And I couldn’t love without it
Go through changes
You couldn’t learn without it
And we couldn’t love without it.”

Honestly, you really should listen to this. Check it out here.

While they are still new, so far the duo is killing the game and we can’t wait for more!