Courteney Cox Revisits ‘Friends’ Apartment


Courteney Cox made all ‘Friends’ fans hearts full and warm yesterday when she took to Instagram to post a video tagged with “#friends” and “#missthosedays”.

Captioned as “The One Where My Rent Went Up $12,000”, this post by Courteney Cox has ‘Friends’ fans jumping with nostalgic wonder as she says “Good night, guys, I’m going home!” and a looping tune from the hit 90’s show ends the short Instagram video.

The interior sciences of the iconic apartment may have been shot in Los Angeles, however, the exterior found on the corner of Grove and Bedford Streets is one of the most visited tourist attractions of Greenwich Village in New York.

If you’re like us and have ever wondered about exactly how much this apartment would go for the look no further! The numbers have been calculated out to suggest that the two-bedroom apartment would lay out on 1,125 to 1,500 square feet in that area would be a median of $4,500 a month. Makes you wonder how the 6 of the best buddies could afford such places in the 90’s working as a chef, a waitress, a chiropractor/busking musician, a young actor, a Doctor of Paleontology (okay, we agree that Ross could probably, and did, do it alone), and whatever it was that Chandler did, even he didn’t know his title!

Spoiler!! – In Season 4, episode 4 “The One With The Ballroom Dancing,” the show explained that Monica enjoyed a rent-controlled apartment thanks to her grandmother, Althea, who was subletting it illegally for a presumably low amount which would explain why Monica could afford that dreamy apartment with her paycheck as a hard-working chef!

This isn’t the only ‘Friends’ reference found on Courteney’s Instagram lately. On February 28 she posted a photo of her with Lisa Kudrow and an adorable pup! Then again on March 2, she posted this video, a sketch of the classic “PIVOT!” scene from one of our favorite 90’s shows.

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