Riverdale Teases New Heathers Themed Episode


The fan-favorite TV show Riverdale will be doing an episode based off of the cult classic 80s musical Heathers.

In the newest episode of the CW drama, the students of Riverdale High will be taking on Heathers. The episode will draw material from both the film and the musical of the same name that was made a few years ago. Both properties are total hits, so the cross-over is sure to be spectacular.

According to the trailer, it appears that the students will be doing a performance of Heathers: The Musical, which turns much more sinister. A musical about murder being used to indoctrinate teenagers into a cult? Now, that sounds intriguing!

The episode looks to feature several Easter eggs of the original movie from re-purposed lines to aesthetically similar costuming. It will be exactly the kind of property that will mix perfectly with the show.

The new episode airs Wednesday, March 20th on CW, so get ready!