Jackson Wang Answers 30 Questions In Three Minutes With Buzzfeed


A rising star in hip-hop with an extensive background in K-pop, Jackson Wang took three minutes to answer 30 questions asked by Buzzfeed.  He’s funny, charming, humble and talented. If you haven’t noticed by now Jackson Wang has slowly participated in multiple interviews throughout the U.S., and he’s back with Buzzfeed to answer more questions. While Wang is a man of many languages (five to be exact), he was very quick to answer all 30 questions Buzzfeed threw at him. Including how to say “I love you” in all five languages.  They also asked the Fendi artist what the silliest thing he’s ever done to impress a crush, what his best feature is if he likes spicy food and if he had to choose one, mom or dad? If you’re a long time fan of Wang then you’re definitely in for a treat. Check out the video below.

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