‘Game of Thrones’ Teamed Up with American Red Cross


In their latest movement for charity, Game of Thrones partnered with American Red Cross to create the #BleedForTheThrone Campaign.

In the article detailing the campaign on American Red Cross’s website, they say: “Arya, Cersei, Jon, and Tyrion, have all bled for the throne. To celebrate the final season of Game of Thrones, the Red Cross and HBO have forged an alliance, challenging superfans and donors to show their devotion and bleed #ForTheThrone as well.”

Building hype for the 8th season of the phenomenon that is Game of Thrones isn’t hard. They have used social media campaigns, makeup launches, behind the scenes photos, everything you need to create fan excitement. However, with their newest endeavor, the HBO show took it one step beyond. They were able to use the hype for the game of thrones to propelled thousands of people to donate blood on behalf of the series.

This campaign allowed fans of the series to donate blood in exchange for swag and the chance to go to the final season premiere. It prompted a huge response and has already saved hundreds of lives. What an amazing display of teamwork and social responsibility from two beloved groups.