Check Out Justin Bieber Play a Silly Prank on His New Wife


We can’t stop laughing at this playful moment Justin Bieber posted on his Instagram story of a failed prank on his wife Hailey Bieber.

What’s married life without a little fun? The two lovebirds have been officially married now since 2018 and they still act like they’re in the honeymoon stage.


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Recently, Justin Bieber shared a video on his Instagram story showing an attempted prank on his wife Hailey Bieber (formally Hailey Baldwin). Justin’s master plan was to jump out and scare Hailey as she was coming down a hallway. Unfortunately, Justin scares the wrong person. Justin apologized immediately and explained he was just trying to play a joke on his wife. The innocent bystander assures him that she’s coming up the elevator right behind him. The prank finally comes together when Justin is able to scare Hailey as she comes around the corner. She playfully kicks him as he dies of laughter at his wife’s reaction.

The two are surely head over heels in love.