Learn More About ‘Queer Eye’ Tan France Through His New YouTube Channel


We didn’t know we needed a Tan France YouTube Channel until now.

Queer Eye’s fashion guru has officially launched a YouTube Channel and we could not be more excited. In his video introduction, he states that he launched the channel because he “wanted to show a side of [himself] that is a little more creative in different ways” than that on the show. He stated that he loves to cook, bake, travel, explore, and question the world. Not only will he be teaching us a few things through tutorials, but he will also be learning new things on the channel.

He has also hinted that there will be a closet tour and, honestly, that is one of the things we are anticipating the most. We cannot wait to see what beautiful pieces he owns and, if we’re lucky, perhaps he’ll throw in a couple of styling tips for us. His first official tutorial has gone up now and it is the hair tutorial we have all been dying to see. We all know his hair is iconic and sometimes even steals the show. Now we get to see how he gets that tall, luscious, voluminous “quiff”. The video and his process were truly mesmerizing.

Even though Tan has just started his channel, we already cannot get enough. We are beyond happy that he has decided to start this new journey and that he will be sharing much more with us. To watch his videos and subscribe, you can visit his channel.