Robyn Released Her Entire Tour Set List


Robyn released all the details for her latest Honey tour.

Robyn is a singer/songwriter from Stockholm, Sweden with a long-standing music career that began in the mid-90s and is still going strong. She just released a new video for her song “Send to Robin Immediately” and her current tour has drawn in incredible crowds.

With her eighth studio album releasing just last year, Robyn is going strong and entertaining her fans to the very end. Her latest concert at Madison Square Garden spawned dance parties and many fans loudly singing along to the star’s hits. The tour looks to be an incredible time. If you are interested in what it would be like to go to a Robyn concert, check out the lineup.

“Send to Robin Immediately”
“Hang With Me”
“Ever Again”
“Be Mine”
“Because It’s in the Music”
“Between the Lines”
“Love Is Free” (feat. Maluca)
“Don’t Fucking Tell Me What to Do”
“Dancing on My Own”
“Missing U”
“Call Your Girlfriend”

Encore 1
“Trust Me”
“Stars 4-Ever”
“With Every Heartbeat”

Encore 2
“Human Being”
“Who Do You Love”