This December We Get ‘A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby’


For the third installment of the royally romantic Christmas film series, we will be getting a new royal family member!

A Christmas Prince was one of the fan favorite Christmas movies to come out in 2017.  Over 90% of Google users give it a thumbs up,  and people tend to watch it all year round as opposed to just the holiday season. It even spawned the 2018 sequel A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding. It was exactly what everyone who hadn’t gotten the perfect rags to riches princess story in a long time needed.


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Well, on March 11th we got two pieces of great news! There will be a third movie, A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby and there is going to be a royal baby!

After the amazing chemistry of film stars Rose McIver and Ben Lamb through meeting each other in inopportune circumstances and then getting married,  we can’t wait to see what they’ll be like as parents. This movie is sure to be even better than the last two!

We don’t know much else about what the plot will entail for this third film, but, unfortunately, it will be a bit before we find out. We will likely get a few hints, but the movie won’t be released until at least early November, so we’ll have to be patient.