See Constance Wu, Ava DuVernay + Jessica Chastain on the Empowering Cover of Marie Claire

Marie Clair Magazine

See how this cover exudes the power of women. 

Marie Claire magazine released their gorgeous cover just in time for International Women’s Day. It features actresses Constance Wu, Jessica Chastain and film director Ava DuVernay. These three women are changing Hollywood one movie and television show at a time. The cover has the title “This is what power looks like” and we can definitely see and feel that power. All three women are positioned in firm power stances and we cannot get enough.

All three women wore black as the issue addresses Times Up and #MeToo. They all look so chic and bold, something that we all aspire to be. The issue is all about becoming empowered and standing up against sexual harassment and overall discrimination in the workplace, particularly in Hollywood. The magazine also features other amazing women such as Stacey Abrams, Eva Longoria, and Tessa Thompson.

We are so excited to see these women take on the world and show us that we can rise above anything.