See Google’s International Women’s Day Video featuring Laverne Cox and Many More


These women are what we aspire to be. 

Google released a video of the top “#IWD2019 trends” and it blew our minds. The video focuses on “black girl magic” and how black women are rising and making a stand against all odds. It features Lizzo, Serena Williams, Laverne Cox and Mama Cax amongst others. The video shows all the possibilities for women, from congresswoman to mom to astronaut. It features Lizzo’s song “Good as Hell” and it makes us feel as though nothing can stop us from reaching our full potential and doing great things in life.

It is such a beautiful video and full of so many women that we admire. It definitely made us shed some tears of joy seeing these women be themselves and showing us that nothing is impossible. Google is contributing to changing the narrative to include strong, black women and we absolutely love it.

We hope that these powerful women continue to be celebrated beyond today and that they continue to show the world what they’re made of.