Take a Look at Lizzo’s Breathtaking Cover for Allure Magazine


This Detroit-based artist looks stunning on the front cover. 

Lizzo is one of the most talked about artists today and rightfully so, as she defeats beauty standards through her own body acceptance and praise. She is best known for her song “Juice” that has us all wanting to get up and dance. Her fun and fierce attitude makes her the perfect candidate to be Allure‘s digital cover star. She looks gorgeous on the cover with an elegant updo and a lavender glitter eyeshadow look. The cover also features a thought-provoking quote from Lizzo, stating, “If you can love me, you can love yourself”.

Within the issue, she tackles the body positivity movement, the importance of representation, and self-love. She explained that we have to all exude confidence, knowing that we “are poppin'”, and how she responds to people being assuming that being pretty means being skinny.

For the magazine, Lizzo was styled in so many breathtaking ways and we couldn’t get enough. Allure compared her elegance and opulent attitude to that of Aretha Franklin and Diana Ross, and we completely agree. She is a true icon in the making.

Our favorite look was definitely the pink and orange Marc Jacobs dress, which Zendaya also rocked late last year. Lizzo stated on Twitter that these “two very different body types rockin the same glamour and gown…” were “the DEFINITION of inclusive”.

Lizzo is completely unapologetic, both in the issue and in her daily life, and inspires us to accept ourselves as we are. We are thrilled to see her rise and get the praise she deserves. If you need us, we’ll be streaming “Juice” on repeat and loving ourselves in the true Lizzo fashion.