Will Smith Potentially Playing ‘Richard Williams’


In his potential newest film role, Will Smith will be taking on the father of Venus and Serena Williams. Richard Williams was, by far, one of the most dedicated coaches and fathers of all time. He put everything into supporting his daughters, making nearly 100-page plans for their professional tennis careers when they were only four years old. Williams taught his daughters how to play in Compton, CA in unfavorable conditions, but he never stopped pushing them. He raised two incredibly talented tennis players as well as wonderful women. He deserves to be honored.

Hopefully, he will be honored soon with the new movie King Richard. This will be a biopic detailing his life coming from the south and raising two daughters while overcoming incredible hardships. It will be the story of an incredible man, and, who better to play him than Will Smith.

Smith’s proposed casting was announced on March 5th, and it is the perfect role for him. A strong father who works hard to make sure his children succeed, that’s right on the nose. The script is still going through the selling process, but Smith, as well as his management and many producers, are very passionate about the project.

Richard Williams deserves this honor and we truly hope it comes to him.