Kehlani Taps the Oakland School for the Arts for New Video ‘Butterfly’

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Kehlani included her former school in her newest music video. 

Kehlani is an amazing singer and every time she drops a new music video we get excited because they are always visually stunning. Her newest video is no different. It illustrated the concept of a butterfly emerging from a cocoon and it was absolutely jaw-dropping. Kehlani featured two male students, Munir, and Mosa Omar, from her former school, Oakland School for the Arts, in her video and their dancing was beautiful and made us feel the song in a deeper way. They were recruited by her former teacher, Mr. Savage, and old production design teacher, Jean Francois Revon; it was great to see that Kehlani still felt very connected to her high school.


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This new video comes right after the playful video for “Nunya” ft Dom Kennedy and the futuristic “Nights Like This” ft Ty Dolla $ign. Both were spectacular and showcases Kehlani and her team’s creativity. In fact, Kehlani is a complete force to be reckoned with as her latest mixtape release WHILE WE WAIT has recently made its chart debut in the top 10 of the Billboard Top 200 and has been #1 on iTunes Overall R&B Albums and Current R&B Albums charts.

Kehlani is an amazing artist that keeps wowing us and we can’t wait to see more. You can watch the full “Butterfly” video below.