Gina Rodriguez+Brittany Snow+DeWanda Wise Star in New Netflix Film


The newest Netflix comedy, Someone Great, looks to be the girl’s night movie of 2019.

Breaking up with someone is never easy. But what if you’re breaking up with someone and choosing to be the best version of you? That is what the new Netflix original movie, Someone Great, is going to explore. Director, Jenn Kaytin Robinson, says about the film: “I always wanted to see a romantic comedy where a woman chooses herself. So I made one.” How empowering is that?

This film will tell the story of three best friends spending their finals days together before one of them, Gina Rodriguez, moves to San Francisco to begin a new career. The two friends who will be staying in New York, DeWanda Wise and Brittany Snow, work to comfort and uplift their friend while simultaneously dealing with their own relationship conflicts and desires. It will be a movie about three strong women working to lift each other up, and that is exactly the kind of movie we need in 2019.

The trailer is a healthy mix of laughs and heartbreak with no shortage of phenomenal women. We see so many sincere moments between the three actresses and you can tell this will be a fantastic film. Make sure to plan your next girl’s movie night for April 19th when Someone Great will be released.