Get Ready to Cry with the New ‘Queer Eye’ Trailer


Let the tear rolling begin.

Netflix’s Queer Eye is the one show that brings everyone to tears as we see the transformations and hear the stories of all of the incredible people on the show. Now, the trailer for season 3 is out and we are already letting the tears roll. Season 3 is taking place in Kansas City The trailer features different transformations, including the Fab Five’s first lesbian and duo group. There are tender moments between the Fab Five and the show’s heroes as they tell their stories, from battling alcoholism to coping with a loss to struggling with defining themselves. The trailer features Karamo helping the heroes heal through various exercises and intimate talks. It also featured Antoni, Bobby, Tan, and Jonathan giving us pep talks by stating “You’re not invincible”, “Ask for help” and “You go out there and find your chosen family”. We are so ready to practice some self-love throughout the season.

If we are already crying this much with a simple trailer, we are clearly going to need more than one box of tissues to get through the actual season. Nonetheless, we are excited to see how the heroes grow and transform into their best selves.

The new season is out next week March 15th and we are ready for our hearts to be warmed.