Lady Gaga Raises Money for Her Incredible Born This Way Foundation

Learn more about why Lady Gaga is raising money to celebrate the Born This Way Foundation’s 7th Birthday. The Born This Way Foundation was started by Lady Gaga and her mother to empower young people everywhere to use their voices and to speak out for mental health. It is an organization that works for creativity, research, and enlightenment. It is truly a force working for good in the world.

Gaga says of the organization:

“When my mom and I started Born This Way Foundation, we were driven by the belief that a kinder, braver world was possible, and we were inspired by the ideas, stories, and voices of the young people who need that world to exist.

Seven years later, I’m so proud of how far we’ve come and of everything that’s coming next. We’ve lifted up the voices of young people to tell transformative stories of compassion in action and created campaigns that have inspired millions of acts of kindness. We’ve conducted research that’s helped to shed light on the mental health needs of young people and connected youth with the resources they need to support their mental and emotional wellness.”

That’s right. This foundation has been working hard to inspire the world for seven years! How incredible is that? Their fundraising has already made more than $11,500 in only four days. We are so excited for all of the progress Lady Gaga is making in achieving her goals. Overall, they hope to raise $20,000 dollars, and being over halfway there so quickly truly fills us with hope.

You can check out more about the fundraiser here.