Girl Scout Cookie Sales Skyrocket Thanks to Shirtless Jason Momoa

Will Heath/NBC

Now you can get your hands on a box of caramel goodness AND Jason Momoa.

As if we needed any more convincing to pick up a box of cookies from our favorite little female entrepreneurs. Charlotte Holmberg, a 5th grader from Colorado somehow made Samoas even more enticing by adding a shirtless photo of Aquaman actor Jason Momoa to her cookie boxes. If you’ve seen Aquaman or Game of Thrones, you could guess why the “Momoas” cookies are so popular amongst soccer moms. Charlotte’s mom (who just so happens to work in marketing) came up with the idea after seeing memes about Jason Momoa with Samoas cookies on social media.

Charlotte earned the title of “Cookie CEO” after selling more than 2,000 boxes of cookies last year and made national headlines with her marketing skills this year. Unfortunately, these boxes are not in mass production and sold out very quickly.  However, the cookies were so popular that other girl scouts contacted Charlotte to purchase the “Momoas”.