BTS’s Jimin Bravely Bares His Heart To Fans


The BTS main dancer bared his heart in a recent vlog, and emotionally explained his purpose in life.

In a recent vlog uploaded on Bangtan TV YouTube channel that dates back to April 13, 2018, BTS’s Jimin opened up to ARMY.

Jimin recorded the vlog before a fan-meeting in Japan in his hotel room at almost 2 AM. The “Promise” singer revealed that their highly acclaimed Love Yourself: Tear was almost ready and that he is looking forward to the release.

The dance King reflected on the reason why he is seeking his current career path, and the pressure it comes with being an idol. Jimin revealed that he felt lonely and that made him reflect on life.

Jimin goes on to explain that he found peace and comfort in a video of BTS performing “Young Forever” in Japan. The “Serendipity” singer was amazed when BTS stopped singing and the fans kept singing the song. The video brought Jimin to tears.

When he was feeling down and stressed his mind was set at ease after a trip he took with his fellow BTS members. The trip refueled his purpose and gave him a reminder of why he gifts us with his many talents.

“As we went through many things, our fans truly have become our reason. They have become the reason for our existence, so we’ll continue to be together, and going forward, we have a reason to keep singing and performing.”

We have to thank Jimin for being brave and trusting fans with his heart because it is hard to bare yourself and be vulnerable to people. We are happy that Jimin was able to overcome the hardships he faced and found his reason for performing.

Fans showed their support to the talented vocalist and trended in over 31 countries.