Not One, But TWO Céline Dion Biopics?


We heard about one movie at the end of January, but, within four weeks, we heard news of another!

Céline Dion is a music legend. She holds a place among the divas of pop music, and always will. With an outstanding music career as well as being a fashion icon, she is worthy of far more than a movie about her life. Luckily, it looks like we are getting two.

We heard about The Power of Love, Dion’s first announced biopic, at the end of January. The movie, named after the song that won her the Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance, will follow the life of the Canadian artist and is slated to be produced by Gaumont, a French production studio. Supposedly, it would be the studio’s biggest film of 2020 with a budget of about $23 Million. They even announced Valérie Lemercier, a French actress, to play Dion.

Following this announcement, on February 22nd, we heard about a new addition to Dion’s legacy. The movie will be called Céline Before Céline. The project is being headed up by director Marc-Andre Lavoie. Dion and her mother seem extremely invested in the success of this project. Lavoie even said about the singer “In my entire career, I’ve never met someone as kind, warm and authentic as Celine, and we’ll be forever grateful that she believes so strongly in our team to tell the real story [that’s] never been told before.” This film is supposed to cover the singer’s childhood and upbringing before international stardom, something that fans know relatively little about. It will be an interesting side to see.

Both movies are set to begin production in 2020. Surely there can never be enough Céline Dion.