Forget Horoscopes, People are Googling Their Birthday + Rihanna to See What She Wore and It’s Bringing Them Life

John P. Filo/CBS

Shari, aka @ChipdNudePolish just went viral as she challenged her followers, “Google Rihanna and your birthday to see which outfit you get.”

I googled my own birthday, January 28th and of course it’s the day Rihanna gave her jaw dropping performance at the Grammys which included the Gwara Gwara dance. She also had several metallic outfit changes. That completely explains my obession.

In other years on January 28th, Rihanna has donned lots and lots of denim. Take a look at some user tweets below and try it with your birthday and see how Rihanna’s fashion choices inspire you.

Michele Crowe/CBS

Timothy Kuratek/CBS