Interview: Victoria Konefal Dishes On Her Upcoming Role in the Indie Horror Movie ‘Fog City’

Photographer Mario Barberio

Victoria Konefal is best known for her role as Ciara Brady on the NBC daytime drama, Days of Our Lives. Victoria sat down with Glitter to tell us more about her upcoming roles, her passion for health and fitness, what role she’s dying to play, and her favorite place to travel. Read on to find out Victoria’s definition of self-love.

GLITTER: How long have you been on NBC’s Days of Our Lives? Who do you play?

VICTORIA: I’ve been a part of the show for a little over a year now. I play Ciara Brady.

GLITTER: Did you always want to be an actress?

VICTORIA: I did! I was always drawn to my creative side and decided that I wanted to be an actress when I was seven.

GLITTER: What can you tell us about your role in the upcoming indie horror, Fog City?

VICTORIA: I play the psychotic antagonist! It was amazing! I had an absolute blast filming because I really got to lose it and let go of my inhibitions. The only way you can play a role like that is if you fully immerse yourself in it and hope for the best.

GLITTER: Can you tell us more about your passion for health and fitness, tips to stay in shape along with your daily routine?

VICTORIA: With my busy schedule, it’s hard to keep a daily routine. I usually find myself working out at nighttime. It’s easy for me to make my own workout schedule because I have a mini gym set up in my backyard, so I use it whenever I have time. I spend a lot of my work out on the punching bag. I’ve taken up boxing over the past couple of months and it’s my absolute favorite exercise. The biggest piece of advice I can give is to pace yourself and listen to your body. Pushing yourself past your limits actually deters your fitness journey, so take it easy and try to have fun.

GLITTER: What new projects can we expect to see you working on?

VICTORIA: Fog City is going to come out soon, but other than that I’ve been working at Days! My contract makes it hard for me to find other jobs with a shooting schedule that is compatible with ours, but we are trying.

GLITTER: What positive message do you hope to send women who follow you?

VICTORIA: To love, love, love yourself. And others. It’s so important. Love is the greatest thing humans have to offer, so approach everything with kindness and a leveled head. There’s nothing wrong with being vulnerable with people and showing them your heart. It’s your greatest weapon.

GLITTER: Many women are coming forward in media and standing up for their rights as women. How important is this issue to you?

VICTORIA: Extremely important, being that I am a woman. Women have to deal with some sickening things and it’s about time that our voices are heard. I am incredibly proud of all the women standing up for change. It’s inspirational and moving to be living in a time where I can witness societies progression. We have a long way to go, but at least we’re moving now.

GLITTER: What role are you dying to play?

VICTORIA: I’m dying to play an athletic type of role! Whether it be a kick-ass spy or a dedicated boxer, I want my character to have something they are crazy about.

GLITTER: Favorite places to travel?

VICTORIA: Anywhere. I have the travel bug and love visiting new places, but my favorite place I’ve ever traveled to thus far is Greece.

GLITTER: One highlight of your career so far?

VICTORIA: Being able to participate in a full-blown food fight. There was ketchup EVERYWHERE.

GLITTER: What’s your definition of self-love?

VICTORIA: My definition of self-love is learning how to embrace your individuality.

GLITTER: Who’s on your top 5 Spotify playlist?

VICTORIA: Some of the artists circulate but right now my top five are:


Jessie Reyez

Camilla Cabello

Lil Wayne


GLITTER: How can fans follow you?

VICTORIA: They can follow me on Instagram/Twitter with the handle @victoriakonefal