YouTuber Alfie Deyes: “Enjoy Everything. Try Everything. Do Everything.”


After recently rebranding all forms of social media, YouTuber and influencer Alfie Deyes reminded us this week of a few tasks designed to simplify a life that YOU want to live.

Formerly named “PointlessBlog”, Alfie Deyes has pushed the boundaries of social media through the past ten years and has provided inspiration to millions. Literally, MILLIONS – 5,224,133, to be exact.

In his most recent upload, Alfie takes us through 8 things that he has learned at the age of 25.


1) Be as much of a sponge as you possibly can.

2) Speak to yourself in the same way that you would speak to someone else.

3) There is no such thing as “Fair”.

4) You can only be good at a couple of things.

5) It’s SO important to sit back and reevaluate.

6) Don’t let other people tell you who YOU are.

7) Know your destination. Don’t just wander around with no goal.

8) Enjoy everything. Try Everything. Do Everything.

Do yourself a favor and watch Alfie’s humbling delivery of life lessons. With this kind of inspiration and honest talk, 2019 is YOUR year! What life lessons have paved your path of daily inspiration?

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