Interview: Lily Chee on the love for her fans, the Cheebirds, and her work with Pencils of Promise

Readers might recognize Lily as a young Elektra on the Netflix hit series, Daredevil, or from a Target or Gap campaign. Brands can’t get enough of this actress and influencer, and we don’t blame them. Lily recently sat down with Glitter to talk about her favorite role to date, her fans “The Cheebirds,” what it’s like being a young ambassador for Pencils of Promise, an organization that works to increase access to quality education for children in Ghana, Guatemala and Laos, and her collaborate with Phoebe James and Pop Charms. Read onto find out more about this influencer who lights up the room!

Lee Clower

GLITTER: Did you always want to be an actress?

LILY: I was always fascinated with movies and making videos growing up. When I started going on auditions and acting in commercials it was so much fun! Then I started taking acting classes and loved creating characters and playing different roles.

GLITTER: What has your favorite role been to date?

LILY: Playing young Elektra was definitely a highlight. I also love playing Britney in Chicken Girls. I’ve dealt with a lot of “mean girls” at school so it was fun to become that character.

GLITTER: What brands have you worked with in the past?

LILY: I’ve worked with a lot of different brands over the years. Nike, Target, Old Navy, Gap, Disney, etc.

GLITTER: What do you love to do in your spare time?

LILY: I love to be active. Exercise for me isn’t just exercise, I literally need it to stay sane! My favorite thing to do is surf. Even If I go out and don’t catch a wave, being in the ocean and a part of nature is an amazing feeling.

GLITTER: If you weren’t an actress, what would you want to do instead?

LILY: I really enjoy business and marketing. I love to understand the business behind the scenes, what goes into a production and how it is marketed.

GLITTER: What can you tell us about your work with Pencils of Promise?

LILY: I love the idea of Pencils of Promise because they are building and providing schools for children in third world countries that otherwise wouldn’t have the access to education. I think access to education is something we tend to take for granted in this country. We are so lucky to even be able to go to school and learn and have the access to learning that we do. I think it is important to help everyone in the world have this same opportunity. Recently, I ran a campaign with PoP to help raise funds to build more schools! It was a lot of fun to do, and the people at PoP are awesome!

GLITTER: How do you stay grounded in this business?

LILY: My family and friends. I have two sisters, so it doesn’t matter what I am doing – when I come home they remind me I am still just Lily. When I take my dogs for a walk, I still have to pick up the poop! haha! i still have homework, chores, practices etc. A lot of time people only see the good stuff – but there is a lot of rejection that happens and that can be tough. It keeps me humble and grateful for every opportunity I do get!

GLITTER: What can you tell us about the “Cheebirds”?

LILY: I love the Cheebirds! When I started being active on Instagram – my account name was “lilcheebird.” Cheebird was a nickname of my Dad’s that his friends all called him – so he is actually the original Cheebird. HaHa! As my following grew and I gained supporters – they began to call themselves “Cheebirds” and my supporters became known as “Cheebirds.” So it is really in thanks to all of my supporters for creating this amazing group of people that are so supportive to me. I love the Cheebirds!

Lee Clower

Lee Clower

Lee Clower

GLITTER: What is something fans may not know about you?

LILY: I am just like them! I struggle with anxiety at times and have a lot of the same struggles with school and life.

GLITTER: Best advice you were ever given?

LILY: Everything happens for a reason. You may not realize it at the time, but it will all work out. Work hard and try your best!

GLITTER: Favorite exercise and ways to stay healthy?

LILY: I love to surf but that can be hard to do as much as I like. I try and get out as much as I can even when it’s cold here on the east coast! I also have played soccer and danced my entire life! I like to do sports rather than just go to the gym! Drink water and try not to eat too much junk!

GLITTER: Favorite book right now?

LILY: I recently read The Cellar and The Cabin, both by Natasha Preston. They were super scary but I couldn’t put them down!

GLITTER: What pushes and motivates you on a daily basis?

LILY: I’ve always been very driven. I guess you could call me a perfectionist. I really believe in the power of manifesting. You really have to put out what you want to receive into the universe.

GLITTER: What is your definition of self-love?

LILY: Self-love to me, is accepting yourself, your strengths and weakness. Forgiving yourself for mistakes, learning form them and moving on. Learning to help yourself, take care of yourself. Know that everyone is different and you can only be you and that’s okay.

GLITTER: Do you have any new projects coming up that you can tell us about?

LILY: I just released a collection of Pop Charms with Phoebe James. I really enjoyed creating and designing these. I literally drew each charm and worked with their graphic designer to make sure it looked just like I wanted. I am so excited for people to see them and wear them! I also have some fun projects coming up that I am really exciting about and can’t wait to share!

GLITTER: What positive message do you hope to send women who follow you?

LILY: To be yourself! I know that is easier said than done. Being different, being yourself and being unique is what makes you interesting.

GLITTER: Many women are coming forward in media and standing up for their rights as women. How important is this issue to you?

LILY: Yes! I find this such an important issue. Being a girl growing up it is shocking that we are still told there are things we can’t or shouldn’t do. I think it is important not just to be a strong woman, but a good human being!

GLITTER: How can fans follow you?

LILY: They can follow me on Instagram and Twitter @lilychee and on Snapchat at cheebird1