Check out JYP Entertainment’s Newest K-Pop Girl Group ‘ITZY’


JYP Entertainment has released new girl group ITZY’s debut single,” Dalla Dalla.”

A decade ago, JYPE girl group, Wonder Girls made the charts with their single “Nobody,” making a historical mark in K-pop history. The company also marked the world with the famous girl group Twice when their debut single, “Like Ohh-Ahh” reached over 100 million views on YouTube. Now the company is back with a new set of girls called ITZY. 


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ITZY THE 1ST SINGLE <IT’z Different> TEASER IMAGE #ITZY #있지 #ITzDifferent

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ITZY consist of Yuna, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, Lia, and Yeji. All five girls trained under JYPE for 2-5 years and are close with members of other famous K-pop groups such as Twice, 2 PM and LOONA. Some of the girls have also appeared in BTS Highlight Reels like “Love Yourself,” and Stray Kids Survival Show. The girls have just begun their journey as their debut song music video, “DALLA DALLA” already has almost 5 million views. The high production video features bright colors, powerful lyrics, and hypnotic choreography. Check out the video below.

You can follow ITZY on their official Instagram account.