Non Gender Specific Announces Mass Expansion Plans for 2019 with Their ‘Everything Serum’

Non Gender Specific has announced that they are expanding their gender fluid products in 2019.

Non Gender Specific’s motto is ‘the brand for all humans.” Non Gender Specific’s founder, Andrew Glass realized how isolated the beauty industry is and he decided to do something about it. Andrew could not comprehend why the beauty industry is so “backwards.” We have to agree, it is 2019, the target market should be gender-less. Admirably, Andrew came up with a brand that is for everyone no matter of their gender identity, skin type or skin color. Non-Gender Specific carries products all across the board for day and night skin care routines.

Non Gender Specific announced that they are expanding their products in 2019 starting with Urban Outfitters, which launched on February 8. They are set to launch at Macy’s on February 18. The “Everything Serum (1.7 oz.)” is a blend of 17 all-natural ingredients for all genders and minimizes consumer waste. Their products are 100% natural, vegan, and cruelty-free.

The “Everything Serum” powerhouse formula combats wrinkles, skin fatigue, elasticity, discoloration, pore-size reduction, brightness, as well as cellular rejuvenation It is multi-functional which means that it will moisturize, and tone your skin. The Everything Serum is $65 and the Everything Serum Special Edition is also $65. Non Gender Specific hopes to encourage less consumer waste by designing multi-functional products through “innovative formulations that are natural, powerful and inclusive.”

Your skin will be thanking you.