BTS’s Jimin Breaks a Record


After dethroning Drake’s SoundCloud record, Jimin decided he wanted to break more records, and Jimin gets what Jimin wants.

BTS’s Jimin ended 2018 by releasing his self-composed solo song, “Promise”. The lyrics were written by Jimin and RM.

Upon its release, “Promise” set the record for the fastest reaching song in 24 hours with over 8.5 million streams. This beats Drake’s “Duppy Freestyle” that gained 3.6 million plays in a day.

Well, it looks like “Promise” wants all the historic achievements, and we can’t blame it. “Promise” is such a masterpiece. “Promise” has officially surpassed 100 million streams, which makes it the most-streamed song by any Korean artist in SoundCloud history.

Outside of all the achievements that “Promise” has attained, we recognize and appreciate Jimin’s artistry. Jimin is known for his godly dance moves and vocals, but “Promise” showed a different side of the vocalist. Jimin has been vulnerable with listeners in the past, like in his solo song “Lie“, but unlike that song, “Promise” was written to encourage himself to invest in his happiness after struggles he has faced.

Congratulations to Jimin! Keep going.