Joey Graceffa Surprises Fan with Dream Makeover


Joey Graceffa is the queen all of us want to be, and he takes the time to make his fans feel like royalty too.

Joey Graceffa is an extremely successful Youtuber with a subscriber count nearing nine million. He is an amazing entertainer. He covers anything and everything on his main channel and has a second channel for video games that has nearly three million subscribers. Not only is he successful on Youtube, he is also a well-known young adult writer. He authored In Real Life: My Journey to a Pixelated World, a biography he wrote in 2015. He also wrote a young adult fantasy trilogy which consists of Children of Eden, Elites of Eden, and Rebels of Eden. His books are sold at bookstores everywhere.

Graceffa is definitely well-loved and, with his latest series, he is giving the love back to his fans. Through a video submission contest, he selected one fan, Jessica, to receive an extreme makeover. He said that he chose Jessica because he connected to her story of being so caught up in life that she didn’t have time to care for herself, and he wanted to give that back to her. She was also a deserving candidate because she works incredibly hard as a behavioral therapist for children on the autism spectrum. Throughout the video, he takes her all over LA to make her feel her best. The two really connected through the process and, in the end, there is nothing but joy.

This is such a selfless thing to do for fans and he said he wants to do even more! If you want to see the amazing transformation, and maybe submit for your own, check out the video here: