Here’s How to Celebrate Galentine’s Day


We’ve scouted out the perfect products for you to join in on the Galentine’s Day festivities. 

Thanks to reruns of Parks and Rec, “Galentine’s Day”, the fake holiday made up by Leslie Knope, has become something of a national phenomenon, and we totally dig it. Every February 13th, women across the country are going all-out for the ladies they love. Whether it’s a full-on Galentine’s Day party with memory books and games or just exchanging cards over a cup of coffee, women are finding new ways to celebrate the bonds of sisterhood and we couldn’t be more delighted.

1. There In A Heartbeat Necklace for $38.00

2. Funny Be My Galentine Photo Booth Props for $14.99


3. Our Name is Mud Soul Sister Mug for $12.99

4. You Think You Know Me Card Game for $30.00

5. Happy Galentine’s Day Card for $4.00