Yoox Will Hold Sale to Honor Franca Sozzani


Yoox, the fashion and online retailer will hold an estate sale to honor late fashion icon, Franca Sozzani. Yoox is one of the prime retailers for luxury brands. It is a one-stop shop for anything fashion, art or design. It is a cultural hub and works hard to inspire those who use it. CEO and founder of Yoox, Federico Marchetti was born and raised in Italy and finds his inspiration from his home as well as the innovation of New York City. He values sustainability, innovation, and education above all else. These are what he puts at the forefront of his brand.

The latest announced sale for Yoox is unlike any they’ve done previously. This sale will feature the wardrobe and accessories of past Italian Vogue editor, Franca Sozzani. Sozzani was an icon in the fashion world. She was never afraid to stand out in a crowd. She loved to mix and match pieces and create daring combinations. Overall, she believed in art and inspiration. Sozzani and Marchetti were close friends both in business and in their personal lives, so having Yoox host the sale of Sozzani’s unique wardrobe only makes sense.

The sale will occur on February 11th and will feature nearly four hundred wardrobe items as well as nearly two hundred accessories. All of the money raised from the sale will go to benefit the Franca Sozzani Fund for Preventative Genomics at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital at Harvard. Alongside the sale, there will also be the unveiling of the Franca Sozzani Chair at Harvard Medical School. This fashion icon will truly live on.

The sale will drop in a little less than a week so stay tuned.