Check out the Bratz Doll Challenge


The iconic passion for fashion dolls is making a comeback in the beauty community with beauty gurus painting their faces to look like their favorite dolls.

About 18 years ago, MGA Entertainment started a doll company called Bratz. They were designed to resemble teenagers and have characteristically large heads, narrow bodies and glamorous makeup.  The first line consisted of four dolls named, Cloe, Jade, Sasha and Yasmin.  As the years went by more sets of dolls were manufactured, including Bratz Boys, Lil Bratz and Bratz Lil’ Angels. For the first time in the doll community, Bratz brought diversity and contemporary fashion. How does that correlate to the Bratz doll challenge? Well, most of your favorite beauty gurus either grew up playing with Bratz or were influenced by them.  YouTuber Nikkie Tutorials contributed to the challenge by posting a transformation of herself into Jade. In the video she states, “I used to be obsessed with Bratz. I feel like my obsession with makeup started from there.”

Other beauty gurus such as Christen Dominique and Slyvia Gani transformed themselves into Jade and Yasmin. James Charles was inspired by Cloe while Ohemaa Bonsu recreated one of Sasha iconic makeup looks. Check out the videos below.

You can check out more of the Bratz challenge via YouTube.