Maddie Ziegler is Pretty Much Sia’s Daughter


The Dance Moms star and pop icon duo have a very special relationship.

Ziegler made an appearance this week on the The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and announced that Sia officially became her godmother, “So if anything were to happen she’d take me, which is really cool.”

She also called the singer, “the best person in my life”, recounting how their first collaboration together for Sia’s music video, “Chandelier”, completely changed her life forever: “The day we met we clicked and we knew that it was a special connection. She’s the greatest person and she’s just nice to everyone. She’s taught me so many life lessons and I’ll never forget that.”

Watch below as she continued to tell Fallon stories of how the pair would go out together to eat or at movie theaters, and people would often mistake Sia for being her mother.

After all, Sia just celebrated Ziegler’s 16th birthday a few months ago by gifting her a brand new Audi, which she quoted in an Instagram post, “Happy Birthday to my most special noonoo @maddieziegler ❤️”