Tia Mowry Shares Experience With Endometriosis


The ‘Double Wedding’ actress bravely shares her experience with endometriosis on ‘Quick Fix.’

On Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix, the actress opens up about her endometriosis diagnosis and the struggles that came with it.

Tia spoke about the struggles with infertility along with trying to conceive. According to the Mayo Clinic, endometriosis is “an often painful disorder in which tissue that normally lines the inside of your uterus grows outside your uterus. Endometriosis most commonly involves your ovaries, fallopian tubes and the tissue lining your pelvis. Rarely, endometrial tissue may spread beyond pelvic organs.”The mother of 2 posted the trailer to the episode on her Instagram.

“Endometriosis affects more than 100 million worldwide and today on @TiaMowryQuickFix I’m sharing my story,” Tia wrote on the Instagram caption.

Tia revealed that food can be a medicine to endometriosis. Endometriosis is a disease which affects women every day but it is rarely talked about. We hope that Tia sharing her story helps and encourages women out there who are struggling with endometriosis.

The episode is available on Youtube, and you can watch it below. You can catch Tia’s Quick Fix every week on her Youtube Channel.