See Covergirl’s New Make-Up Launch


Covergirl launches makeup collection for women of color. 

We all love affordable, good quality make-up. For women of color, it can be difficult when some brands do not have their exact skin tone. There have been many changes in the make-up industry since Fenty by Rihanna launched in back in September of 2017. The Fenty cosmetics are initially for all women of different skin tones. That has led many other brands to honor color women within their products. It also shows you how diverse the make-up industry is and how far it has come in pop culture. Whether it is on the websites or within the products themselves, brands have officially welcomed women of color in a positive way.


Many brands want women from every background to feel beautiful and embrace themselves no matter what color they are. Within the makeup industry, you can see that women from all over the world are uniting to make a positive impact.

Covergirl could not help but to spread the positivity along with many other brands like Fenty. Covergirl launched their new collection “Full Spectrum” on Jan. 27th. On their website they make it known that this collection was inspired and is made for women of color. this collection consists of concealers, foundation and much more. You can view their “Full Spectrum” collection here.