WayV Releases Chinese Version of NCT 127’s ‘Regular’


The new boy-band debuts with the Chinese version of NCT 127’s “Regular.”

WayV is a new China-oriented boy group derived from SM Entertainment, and now under Label V. There are four members in WayV who were formerly in K-Pop act NCT: Ten, Lucas, Kun, and WinWin. There are three new stars: Yangyang, Hendery, and Xiaojun.

On January 18th, the new group released the Mandarin version of “Regular.” The song was last released in Korean and English by NCT 127. The English version was released last October. “Regular” expressed the group’s goals and aspirations in life. WayV also released a three-track digital album, The VisionThe Vision also has a Mandarin version of NCT 127’s “Come Back Please.” The new track on there is called “Dream Launch.”

You can watch the music video for the WayV version of “Regular” here below.