Shane Dawson Launches New Conspiracy Series


On January 18th, Shane Dawson uploaded a trailer to his first series of 2019.

It’s been a while since the YouTuber posted his last docuseries about Jake Paul. We know, from his Instagram, that Dawson has been working hard with his cameraman and friend, Andrew Siwicki, putting this series together and we cannot wait. It’s been three months.


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making things for 2019 👀🔺

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In his description for the video, he relays the release date of the series. He also used the phrase, “Don’t Believe Everything You See”, which is typical Shane Dawson language foreshadowing that he’s going to blow your mind. When it was first uploaded, the trailer was #1 trending on YouTube. Now, it’s #37 trending. You can watch it below.

Conspiracy Series comes January 30, and we are so excited for its release.