Ofunne Amaka: Beauty Boss On A Mission


Pushing inclusivity within the beauty industry is no easy task, but Ofunne Amaka is on for the challenge! This beauty boss is a digital strategist and an influencer that is doing more for the world than just posting cute selfies and brand advertisements.

She’s taken it a few steps further and has become a voice for diversity through her various projects, her most popular being Cocoa Swatches, a platform where Ofunne reviews and swatches beauty products for darker skin tones.


Cocoa Swatches has various forms branching from its Instagram page (@cocoaswatches) where there are displays of extremely well-produced swatches of foundations, concealers and eyeshadows from brands that may not have their focus on diversity and brands that have been inclusive from the start (thanks Rihanna)! This is pretty important for makeup lovers out there that have felt left out in the beauty world due to not seeing themselves in brand advertisements or products on the shelves.


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When’s the last time you saw a CONCEALER shade range this sexy🤤🤤 (don’t worry, I’ll wait🤣) #CocoaSwatches of the new @fentybeauty The Cure Concealer in shades 380-498! Swipe to see the shades in different lighting and compared to its matching foundation shade. Big thanks to the #FentyBeauty team for sending these so I could get these swatches done for y’all! 😘 This concealer comes in 50 shades with foundations to match and 8 powders! It’s launching TOMORROW! Do y’all know which shade you are getting now?? DO WE LOVE?? (I wear the #ProFiltrFoundation in shade 445, I can use #TheCureConcealer 390,400, or 430 to highlight, 490 to contour, Honey powder to set under the eyes and Nutmeg to set the face)

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The goal behind Cocoa Swatches is made known immediately upon visiting the website; “Cocoa Swatches aims to celebrate underrepresented complexions and empower beauty lovers through their makeup journey”. The website offers more content than the Instagram page has room to do. Ofunne has included more videos and brand updates, as well as a blog where she gives more detailed reviews of brands like Milani Cosmetics and Lancome. The Cocoa Swatches website also includes a section where beauty gurus of color are highlighted such as Jackie Aina, Nyma Tang, and Arnell Armon.

The most impressive piece of the Cocoa Swatches brand is the relaunched Cocoa Swatches App. The super sleek, melanin infused app is very appealing to the eye and the layout is very easy to navigate. It’s essentially like having the website at the tips of your fingers.

It’s super refreshing to see someone speak out about the unfair side of the beauty industry. It’s also super refreshing to see action being put behind that. Ofunne is truly an inspiration to many!