Gillette’s New Razor Ad Goes Viral for Addressing the #MeToo Movement


Gillette released a new ad that went viral with over 7 million views, addressing the issues we face with gender and equality in an extremely powerful way.

One of the themes they discuss is toxic masculinity. The narrator makes a statement, revealing that using the same excuse, such as “boys will be boys”, will no longer suffice. They challenged their viewers, asking if what our society is providing our developing generation the “best a man can get” or the “best a man can do”.

They use their commercial as a powerful tool to address the consequences of how society has raised our men and encourages us to move forward by holding each other more accountable, to say the right things and to act the right ways.

Currently, the video is ranked #10 on YouTube’s Trending category. The ad has garnered a lot of support from fans and celebrities alike.

Watch the video below to hear some of their most powerful messages.

“The boys watching today will be the men of tomorrow.”

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