Michelle Yeoh Will Continue Her Star Trek Run with New CBS Series


After major success in Star Trek: Discovery, actress, Michelle Yeoh, will continue her role as Captain Phillipa Georgiou in a new CBS Star Trek spin-off.

Michelle Yeoh has been a force for Asian representation in media since her time as a Bond girl in 1997’s Tomorrow Never Dies. She has killed it in movies such as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Memoirs of a Geisha, and, most recently, Crazy Rich Asians. She has won several awards for her work on the big and small screens.


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Most recently, Yeoh has been starring as Captain Phillipa Georgiou in CBS’s “Star Trek: Discovery”which will be airing its second season this week. In this role, Yeoh plays the commander of the starship Shenzhou. This is notable because while the Star Trek franchise has worked hard to include many strong female characters, we don’t see a lot of female Starfleet commanders represented. Therefore, Yeoh starring in her own spinoff series for the franchise is an incredible step.

Not only will Yeoh be adding more female representation to the Star Trek universe, but she will be representing Asian women, who are, unfortunately, not represented nearly enough in modern media. In an interview with IMDb last year Yeoh said: “I understand when I’m sitting in that chair and I’m coming across as an Asian woman captain, it means so much to women of Asian descent everywhere around the world.”

We don’t know too many details about the series yet. All we know is it will continue building on Captain Georgiou’s involvement in Section 31, a lesser known division of Starfleet. We know Yeoh will be amazing, and we can’t wait to get an official release date.

Until we have dates for what we’re sure will be an incredible series, make sure to tune in to CBS All Access for season 2 of “Star Trek: Discovery” where we are sure to see more incredible performances.