BTS’s Jin Writes Heartfelt Letter to Fans on Birthday


Today, we celebrate the worldwide handsome day, but Jin had other things in mind like getting us in our feelings.

BTS has had one heck of a year and the boy band is unstoppable as they continue to conquer the world.

December 4 is BTS’ vocalist, Jin’s 26th birthday and he wrote a very heartfelt hand-written letter about how thankful he is for the fans aka ARMY.

The “Epiphany” singer thanked the ARMY for their hard work and dedication in Korean. Jin also included in English “Sorry to my international ARMY that I am not good at English. But I love you.”


ARMY’s instantly reassured Jin that English is no barrier and he should never apologize.

Jin wrote that ARMY’s are his biggest happiness and he thanked them for celebrating his day with him.

Recently, the South Korean Artists won a “Daesang” and “Popularity Award,” which Jin acknowledges in his letter and pointed out that while he is happy about the “Daesang,” he holds the “Popularity Award” close to his heart because he knows that was done through the hard work of ARMYs.

Below is a translation of Jin’s letter in English.

“Hello everyone, this is Jin. Clap clap clap, today is my birthday. I’m so happy to greet my birthday. I’m happy because it’s my birthday and I’m even happier because ARMYs are also enjoying it on Twitter and doing fun activities together at cafes and more. ARMYs’ happiness is my biggest happiness. And just recently, we won “Daesang” and “Popularity Award!” I’m so happy with the ‘Daesang’ but I’m so so happy about the ‘Popularity Award’ that resulted from the hard work of our ARMYs. Thank you so so much ARMY!”

Jin concluded the letter by adding that he will work harder and show a great side of him.

“Oh.. and each year, I prepared something fun for you guys but I wasn’t able to do much this year so that’s unfortunate. I’ll work harder to always show great side of me and present good content. I love you.”

We want to wish the very talented vocalist a happy birthday.