Awkwafina Is Getting Her Own Show + We Are Pumped


The Crazy Rich Asians star is about to tear up television in 2019.

You may know Awkwafina from Girl Code or maybe from her most recent role in Ocean’s 8. From now on, prepare to know her simply as Awkwafina as she stars in her very own television show on Comedy Central.

Awkwafina is a show loosely based around her life living in Queens as an Asian American living with her father and grandma. It’s a ten episode, 30 minute series full of script writing straight from the queen herself.

If the show is nearly as funny as any of her previous rolls, we may not be prepared for the sore abs after laughing. Fans alike are cheering at the news and we have to admit, we are here for it.

We also can’t wait to see her shine.